Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting my website.

It has come to my attention that things have changed in our society since 9/11. These changes have caused some of us to stop our hurried lives and take notice of our current lifestyles and perceptions. So, if you are thinking that you might want to become more prepared and self sufficient in your personal lives and surroundings, you are not alone.

Currently I have noticed an elite group of people are developing who want at least one of their personal residences to be more than an estate alongside a golf course or behind a gated community in a metropolitan city. They want an oasis that is off the grid, completely self-sustaining and safe but close enough to a community’s necessities and amenities.  Without question, the finished project must withstand the rigors of semi-remote environments and stand the test of time while helping to provide a life of comfort, peace, and privacy.  To achieve this, they cannot just hire a general home builder who works with assorted subs with little or no experience in this highly specialized type of exhaustive design, construction and systems integration engineering. From inception to delivery, they know they must entrust such a project to a highly experienced, vertically-integrated specialist who understands how to closely manage and stand behind the process of delivering on the unique requirements of a sustainable, off-the grid lifestyle.  In short; they want to get a homestead… One they can rely on to meet their needs for a long, long time

This has led me to create a specialty service for those types of people. I am offering complete turnkey Homestead, Ranch, or Settlement building services to those who want to create a new lifestyle for themselves and/or friends. I have also assemble one of the only vertically integrated teams to provide such a service, all encompassing with all services provided in house turnkey.

With a combined experience level of over 65 years in Arizona and neighboring states in all phases of Design / Civil-Structural Engineering / Land Development and Construction projects we can assist you in making a transition to a new lifestyle with the knowledge that you are more prepared for what may come in the future.

Remember, by failing to prepare, you are simply preparing to fail.

James Lazok